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brick cladding system


Our innovative brick cladding system combines over a 100 year old tradition of brick slips manufacturers with modern building technology. This brick cladding system comprises of factory made brick panels which are a combination of brick cladding slips embedded in rigid board made of polyurethane foam, resulting in a system where no adhesive is used at any stage of installation.


The system provides very effective external insulation as well as robust and attractive brick clad facade to both renovation projects and new-build construction. This brick panels system is so simple that the full installation can be done by an experienced DIYer. High quality brick slips used and the speed of fitting make the investment not only a good value for money, but also a long-lasting one.


Brick panels are individually designed according to project requirements, such as building dimensions, desired insulation thickness, brick slip size as well as brick colour and characteristics.


Range of applications is vast and includes: masonry wall construction: solid or cavity wall, brickwork, timber frame construction and steel frame construction.


brick cladding system in yellow on apartment builiding


Brick cladding system, so-called  FlexiBrick consists of flexible brick slips fixed used as cladding on facades and indoors, on new-build as well as renovation projects.


This brick cladding system has been used throughout the Europe for nearly 25 years. The brick slips are flexible, light and thin, which makes it easy to bend them and cover round surfaces (e.g. columns or pillars), and uneven surfaces as wellas the flexible brick adjusts to the shape of the substrate.


These brick slips and adhesive used to fix them remain flexible

at all times - they work with the substrate even after they have set and dried.


Brick slip material is vapour-permeable which means it allows the walls to breathe and can be used externally on traditional substrates such as cocnrete or external isnulation systems. There is no height restriction and the brick slips can be used on high facades. When used indoors, it can be fixed to MDF, OSB or even plasterboard.


This system is very easy to install, the slips do not slide down or bend back once they have been put and pressed into place.There is  no need to use spacers and no grouting is involved as the adhesive is also used as pointing mortar.


flexible brick cladding system in red on a commercial building


These brick panels are made of PVC - the same material which is used to manufacture windows. The brick imitation element is made of synthetic epoxy and quartz sand, pigments, stabilisers and anti-aging agents.


The brick panels do not break or crumble, corrode or change their colour due to exposure to the elements and temperature variations. They are easy to maintain aesthetic and fresh,

and no sealing or time consuming upkeep is required.


Installation of this brick panel system is simple and can be carried out by a competent DIY-er. No specialist tools are necessary. The panels can be easily bent with a heat gun to a 90 degree angle and aesthetically fixed to walling or insulation layer. Windows, doors, corners or curves can be finished to a high standard without the use of masking strips.


Klinker panels are fixed to wooden vertical laths which in turn are anchor bolted into the wall. The frame should be made of good quality, preserved timber. The panels are nailed, screwed

or stapled into the laths.


On a previously prepared wall 10m2 of brick panels can be installed in an hour.


brick panels in yellow


brick panels in yellow
brick cladding system in red and beige on an apartment building
brick panels in yellow and beige

Real Brick Cladding are UK suppliers of interior and exterior brick slips and tiles, brick veneer as well as reclaimed brick slips & tiles and brick effect wall tiles. Brick cladding systems, brick panels, brick sheets

and brick wall panels also supplied as well as flexible brick slips.

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