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A classic Rustic Red coloured brick sheets that are ideal for interior walls. Each brick is individually marked for a distressed look, while the layout features short and long bricks randomly placed to look like it has been laid by a professional. The brown/red shade is complimented by a light grey mortar that helps to give the Rustic Red brick sheet a classic feel.

The Honey Brown brick sheets feature a light toned golden shaded brick with hints of red and greys for a classic modern look. The mortar is a medium grey to compliment the random grey bricks, while each brick has a rough handmade texture. With half bricks and full bricks, the look is one of natural bricklaying and will help to create a professional feel. This look is ideal in a more contemporary home and is easy to work into your interior design.

The natural look of these Darkest Red brick sheets will compliment any interior design look. Each brick has a natural rough look with uneven lower edges, while the colours range from dark red and browns through to lighter shades of fired orange. The mortar is light grey allowing each brick to really stand out. The arrangement includes long and short bricks for a natural professionally laid feel.

With grey mortar, this Sunset Red brick sheet is the perfect interior wall cladding and will give your home or business a rustic feel. The bricks range in shade from light orange through to darker reds and browns and each has a rough texture. The layout of the bricks is the classic style with full bricks and half bricks for a professional look.

The Modern Brown brick sheet is perfect for creating a feature wall inside your home and will work with almost any decor choice. The bricks range in colour from the lightest creams through to varied shades of brown. But it is the dark brown mortar that really highlights these bricks and brings the entire sheet to life. Each sheet features a classic run of half bricks and full bricks.

If you like your cappuccino with a little swirl of cream you will love the soft mocha browns of this Cappuccino Cream brick sheet. Ideal for your kitchen, this sheet features bricks in varied shades of brown and cream - with a light “bloom” on some bricks. Half size and full size fronts are used for an authentic look to this indoor wall cladding. The light cream mortar really sets this off.

For a classic look that will work in any period home, this brick sheet of Fired Red bricks is truly authentic. With roughly hewn bricks in shades of red that have been fired black in places, this has the classic Victorian look we all love. Use in a bedroom or living room as a unique feature wall. The light mortar really helps to show off these beautiful bricks to the very best effect.

The dashes of light blue on this brick sheet will add a charming quality to your home or business. The light shades of honey, are complemented by the darker colours and the light mortar really sets it all off. Hints of Blue is perfect for lightening up your room and features classic rough textured bricks with clean mortar lines. The addition of red tones really adds to the wow factor.

With shades of light, medium and dark browns all set off with a creamy thick mortar line, this Cookies and Cream brick sheet is ideal for a kitchen or cafe setting. The colours are easy to incorporate into your decor and the strength of the brick look and perfect for creating a designer look. The layout of the bricks is the classic full and half brick arrangement.

Looking like a damp river bed, this darker shade Earthy Browns brick sheet will help you to create a sultry feel in any room. The medium light mortar is narrow and does not dominate, but still creates a strong defined look. With shades that run from deepest brown (almost black) through to lighter reddish and honey shades, this is a strong look that is easy to complement with your furnishings.

Any period home will look great with this Classic Georgian brick sheet. The colours are a muted red, bluish grey and soft cream, while the mortar is a deep creamy taupe. The edges of the bricks are carefully defined and the overall look is one of classic character and charm. With full and half bricks arranged in the classic style, this is a winner.

The rough and textured faces of the bricks on the Desert Sands brick sheet are reminiscent of sandy dunes and will offer your home or business and strong and interesting look. The reds and creams combine effortlessly with the lighter grey shades to bring a soft and warm feel into the room. The grey mortar line brings the entire sheet together and brings out the colour of the bricks.

With a white “bloom” on some of these bricks, the look of the Limed Browns brick sheet is one of a weathered brick facing that has seen many years of use. This is a characterful look that you will love in a period home or to give your apartment a dash of simple charm. The shades run from dark grey to fired red and the pops of white really bring it together. The mortar almost fades into the background.

The firing of the bricks on this Sunrise Orange brick sheet give this a strong rustic feel and really bring out the texture of the brick face. Meanwhile the thick mortar lines in a light grey work perfectly with the colour of the bricks. With colours that run from deep brown to bright orange, the feeling of the sunrise can be brought into your home. Perfect for behind a chimney breast.

This muted Hints of Pink brick sheet is a subtle and calming colour with the occasional pop of darker blackish brown. The grey mortar adds to the effect, with the bricks almost disappearing into the background. This is a relaxed look that will never be too jarring on the eye and the pastel shading will work in any home from modern through to period. The use of the classic brick layout adds a professional feel.

Take a walk down London streets with this London Cobble brick sheet. You can give your home a touch of urban chic by cladding your walls in this red and brown mix brick pattern. The dark mortar really offsets the bricks which range in colour from lighter orange, through to reds and darker browns/black. This is a classic look that is warm and pleasing to the eye.

The mix of lighter shades and deeper end bricks allows you to use this Chocolate Swirl brick sheet anywhere in your home. The colours range from a lighter cream with hints of red, through to the end bricks which are darker browns. The overall effect is one of a swirly pattern of chocolate shades. The black mortar allows you to clearly see each and every brick - even from a distance.

For a brighter and eye catching look in your home, the Choc Chip brick sheet is a fantastic choice. The lighter highly textured long bricks are offset by deep reds and browns that give the sheet a random, yet structured feel. With a cream coloured mortar, the darker bricks really stand out, while the rough texture of the lighter bricks will make you want to run your fingers over the surface.

With the look of fired bricks the Chimney Red brick sheet features a strong mix of light oranges, medium reds and deeper patches of fired or burnt blacks. The surface is highly textured and the black mortar highlights the straight edges of these bricks. The colours work well in almost any setting, but especially when used on an existing chimney breast as a feature wall.

The thicker grey mortar used on the Narrow Reds brick sheet gives the bricks a lower prominence and they appear thinner - however that does not detract from the brilliance of the colours that range from lighter creamy oranges through to lighter reds and hints of brown. The use of half and full bricks gives this sheet a classic appeal and a professional look, making it idea for use as a focus to any room.

If you fear that brick cladding in your home may cause it to feel dark, this Palest Cream brick sheet is the ideal choice. With the lightest shade of brick, you gets pale creams with the occasional light tan to break it up. Great for a sun room, kitchen or even a bedroom, this brick sheet will bring the room to life and give it a sunny feel. The texture of the bricks is also authentic and highlighted by the light mortar.

The classic Cotswold Cream brick sheet gives you the pale brick you will find in the area, but it is highlighted by a darker brown and flecked pattern. With hints of black, this also has an antique feel and will work well in a period home where you want to bring light in. The mortar is the same colour as the brick, giving the entire sheet a cohesive feel. The edges of the bricks are slightly uneven, but this just adds to the authenticity.

Just like the bricks on the inside of your chimney - minus the soot! These Blackest Night brick sheets feature deeply fired bricks that have taken on a blackened and burnt appearance with hints of red and brown. The mortar is also black, giving you a dark and sultry feel that is perfect for a bold look in your home, restaurant or bar. The bricks are also highly textured to give an authentic antique feel.

While the bricks may be dark blacks, browns and taupes, the mortar used on the Midnight Sky brick sheet is light grey - giving the whole sheet a lift. The bricks really stand out against this background, while the textures are even more obvious, especially around the edges. The dark look is perfect for a modern home, where a less traditional feel is required.

The sandy and summery feel of the By the Knightsbridge Multi brick sheet is brought to life by the creamy colouring of the bricks. The darker brown mortar ensures that you can easily highlight the bricks and the textured and mottled surface certainly makes you think of sandy shores. This is a modern feel and will brighten your home, while the clean edges of the bricks give this a uniform appearance that really works.

The fired bricks used on the Black and Grey brick sheet are set against a lighter grey mortar allowing each and every one to stand out. The bricks range in shade from a deep black through to lighter shades of brown and even hints of red. This fired look makes for a classic look that will work well in a dark environment where you want a bold feel. The bricks also have an antique feel due to the rough texture.

The Softest Red brick sheet takes subtle red bricks of a uniform colour and brings them altogether with a dark grey mortar. The effect is one of the bricks fadings into the background, but with the highlights of the texture still emerging. This subtle look is great for areas where you want a more unusual look, but nothing too bold. The classic authentic runs of full and half bricks give a professionally laid feel.

These classic hand-made bricks feature a very uniform and clean surface that is highlighted by the end bricks which are more textured with an interesting cross section. The dark thin lines of mortar on the London Yellow Multi brick Sheet also add to the clean feeling of this look. You can use this brick sheet in almost any room, but it does have the feeling of a more modern look than traditional.

These beautiful London Yellow Stock brick sheets features honey-toned bricks that have been flecked with darker black splatters. The look is striking and will draw the eye. The thin mortar lines in cream are hardly visible, while the orange, cream and honey bricks really stand out. The bricks have a rough texture with edges that are sometimes blurred and ragged.


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