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Our collections of natural brick slips offer a vast variety of shapes, finishes, sizes and most importantly colours.


All bricks featured in this section are made of natural clay and will satisfy most discerning customers and enrich any building project with a timeless, grand finish.


From single feature walls, to larger commercial projects, these brick slips are immensely popular with home owners, developers and specifiers.


All our natural brick slips come with matching corner pieces, so-called pistols, and can be supplied with proprietary adhesive, pointing mortars and sealers.


Prices start from only £29 + VAT per square metre.

Reclaimed brick slips, from mainly XIX century buildings that are being dismantled or demolished, are carefully restored and in effect regain their natural beauty. These reclaimed brick slips are of great historic value as well as unique and irreplaceable - truly one of a kind products. All our brick slips come with matching corner pieces, and can be supplied with proprietary adhesive, grouts and sealers. Prices start at only £33 + VAT per square metre.


These are genuinely reclaimed and natural, made of clay reclaimed brick slips which or not man-made or manufactured.

Probably there are no brick slips on the market that are more rustic than these. You may also come accross an odd brick with over a century old inscriptions on it.


hand-made brick slips

Hand-made brick slips range consists of brick slips hand-made in moulds from natural clay. The look of hand-made brick clad facade will give the traditional, old look to existing as well as new-built properties alike. They are 100% natural product. Prices start from only £35 + VAT per square metre.


We have 29 brick slips in CLAY collection, 23 brick slips in 'HANDFORM' collection, 31 brick slips in 'OLDE BRICK' collection and 12 brick slips in HOFFMANN collection.


If you are looking for a traditional look, these are the brick slips to choose.


We have 88 brick slips in this range.


Modern brick slips range are a modern building material. Thanks to great variety of colours, structures and sizes, they will satisfy every demand regardless of architectural style. Used on whole of the facade or in combination with glass, timber or steel, they allow creation of original and timeless designs.


Brick slips from this collection have excellent technical properties. Therefore they do not require any additional protective or maintenance work such as sealing, for example. Their properties make them stay crisp and natural, unchanged by the passing of time, and they do not require any refreshing work. They are an optimal barrier shielding buildings from weather and elements. Low water absorption, resistance from dirt and staining as well as vapour-permeability make any elevation clad with brick slips a hostile territory for fungi, algae, moss or lichen which so often spoil otherwise grand facades.


We have 82 brick slips in this range.



Real Brick Cladding are UK suppliers of interior and exterior brick slips and tiles, brick veneer as well as reclaimed brick slips & tiles and brick effect wall tiles. Brick cladding systems, brick panels, brick sheets

and brick wall panels also supplied as well as flexible brick slips.

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